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Thirteen Reasons Why

10 May

Watching Thirteen Reasons Why on Netflix isn’t fun. A teenage girl, Hannah Baker has killed herself (spoiler alert), and she’s left behind a series of thirteen audio recordings, each telling the tale of another person who contributed to her decision to commit suicide.

Overall, I think that the series was a success, for what it was. It was an interesting look at a downward spiral. At times, it was a brutal, sad, or painful series to watch. At one point, it also made me gag a little, which is weird because I’m not usually one to react to Hollywood gore. However, by that point, I was invested in this character, and no amount of knowing that she was going to kill herself could make that scene any less difficult to watch.

Rather than go through the entire series and write a normal review, I’m going to give my thoughts as they relate to certain criticisms that I’ve seen of the series. I’m not associated with the series in any way, and these are just my “top of the brain” responses. Make of them what you will: Continue reading


Strange Fall

26 Oct

It’s been a while since I posted anything new to the blog. Rest assured, this is not because I have forgotten that I have a blog… Though that kinda happened too.

The real reason why it’s been so quiet around here is that I have a new novel that is just about to be released and I’ve been spending a lot of time getting it all shined up and ready to go.

What is this new book, you ask? (pretend you asked)

It is called Strange Fall. It’s a neat little paranormal tale which I think you’ll enjoy reading this Halloween. Look for it FREE October 27th through October 31st and be sure to tell your friends!