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A Very Freedom/Hate-filled Christmas!

13 Dec

The sixth and final book of the Freedom/Hate series will be released very soon. I want to thank everyone who has kept up with the series, and I invite those of you who haven’t read it yet to give it a try. For a few days, beginning on December 23, the first book in the series will be available for free on Amazon. Books two (Blood Rights) and three (The Secret Citizen) will be available for just $.99!

For those of you who want to read a little bit more of my work, Spirit of Christmas will also be available for free.

As I said above, the final book in the series will be out soon. If We Falter is everything that this series has been building up to since page one of book one. The fate of Freedom will be decided, once and for all!


Spirit of Christmas

24 Nov


It’s that time again, folks. Trees are going up and elves are scouting flight paths for Santa. This year, I thought that I would take a shot at releasing a Christmas story.


This story is about an eight year old boy who begins to notice a change in his parents as the Christmas season progresses. They seem sad and scared, when they’re supposed to be happy. The boy’s curiosity leads him to some startling realizations, and you can be sure that Christmas will never be the same for him after this.

I wouldn’t recommend this one for little kids, but I hope you like!


Click here to find Spirit of Christmas on Amazon!