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Battle Cry (Freedom/Hate, Book 4)

22 Mar

If book 3 of my Freedom/Hate series left you wanting more, then I have good news for you! (if book 3 left you feeling pretty bored, I have bad news for you!)

Book 4, Battle Cry, is now available for pre-order! 

Battle Cry Kindle Cover

For years, Freedom has waited for their opportunity to wage war against the authorities. They have hidden in shadows, preparing for they day when they would take back the rights that were stolen from them.

Justin now serves the authorities. As a HAND officer, he patrols the streets, violating everything that he believes in, all in the hope that his position may someday give Freedom the edge it needs to win this war. Each day, he loses a piece of who he was. Each night, he prays that his sacrifice will justify his sins.

From the Campus, Collin’s team continues to spread Freedom’s message to as many citizens as possible. They have expanded their operation beyond a simple newspaper. Now they spread the stories and history that the authorities have tried to keep from the citizens for decades. They produce original stories, to reflect their own fight, but it’s not enough to spread words. Freedom starts with an idea, but it cannot end there.

As Freedom waits for their chance to fight, millions are tuned in to watch the biggest sporting event of the year. A child, Mandi Hollinger, has been chosen to recite a pledge that she can barely remember. She is led onto a field which is covered in more green grass than she has ever seen in her life. Her parents watch from the sidelines, too scared to breathe, and longing for this day to be over. Mandi stands before the microphone and begins to speak.

With one slip of the tongue, everything will change.


Right now, only the Kindle version of the book is available to order. For those who hate the idea of reading a book on some newfangled device, the paperback is coming within the next few weeks.

With this book, we officially enter the second half of this six-part series. Big things are about to happen!




Five Years Earlier…

9 Mar

As I continue to prepare my new book, Freedom/Hate for release (pre-order your copy today!), I have had some old friends stopping by for a visit in my head.

Five years ago this month, I sat down to begin writing Starlette (purchase your copy today!). It’s hard to tell whether I should feel as though it were only yesterday, or if it feels like a hundred years have passed since then. Either way, it was an exciting time for me.

The story began, oddly enough, five years earlier. As I was watching the Oscars red carpet show on television, I couldn’t help but get annoyed with the actors that I was listening to. The way they spoke about their films being “important” irritated me. They acted as though they were saving the world by making movies. Continue reading

Interior Design (aka A Journey into the Abyss)

3 Mar

I’ve been thinking that I should use this blog as something more than what it’s been. This shouldn’t be too hard, since it hasn’t been much of anything.

What I’ve decided to try and do is document more of my writing/publishing process. This will be less for the enjoyment of you readers (since it will probably be boring), and more about me documenting my writerly struggles, so that my family will know that I don’t just watch funny kitten videos all day. (which I don’t do, because I’m a dog person)

Some of these blog entries will be more interesting than others. At the moment, I’m not building any worlds or having fun with characters. Today, I’m trying to format the print edition of my new book, Freedom/Hate.

(the Kindle version of Freedom/Hate will be released on April 19! Pre-order your copy today by clicking on this link!)

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More About Kindle Scout

31 Jan

As I wrote last week, I currently have a campaign running on Kindle Scout. In that post, I talked about the book that I have listed on that page, but I didn’t talk a lot about the Kindle Scout site itself. I want to take some time to do that, because regardless of whether or not my own book gets published through the site, it still presents a great opportunity to budding young writers.

This post isn’t meant as a guide book for Kindle Scout, or an in-depth investigation into the pros and cons. It’s just my own take on the site.


So, what is Kindle Scout? 

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Freedom/Hate on Kindle Scout!

23 Jan

As one of the youths would say (…in 1994), it is time to “rock the vote!”

For the past couple of years, I have been working on a new project called the Freedom/Hate. It’s a series of novels, set several decades from now, in a world where people have lost the basic rights that we take for granted today. It’s a world where there is no starvation, no homelessness, no unemployment, no lack of healthcare… but all of these privileges have been twisted into something ugly. People no longer have the freedom to choose what they eat, where they live, where they work, or how they are treated when sick. To speak out against the system is a criminal offense.

Freedom Hate Tilt CloudsFreedom/Hate is about the struggle of some to reclaim those rights, and what may be an even harder struggle for others–the struggle to ignore what is happening to them out of fear of losing the only life they know. Continue reading

So, I read “Fifty Shades of Grey”…

11 Aug

A while back, I was part of a conversation where people were talking about the Fifty Shades of Grey books. At that point, I had only read a part of the sample from Amazon and I was less than impressed with what I saw. I had a good time reading the reviews of the books, and making jokes about them but I had no desire to read on.

After that, I found myself working with a group of women who had read the books. I was listening to them talk about the books and I could see how enamored they were by them. Based on what little I had read, I couldn’t understand why they enjoyed these books so much. Certainly, there had to be sexy stories that were also well written, right?

I have this personality quirk where I like to understand where people are coming from. Even if I don’t agree, if I see people getting caught up in something like this, I will want to understand why. I’m the same with politics and TV shows too. I will watch TV shows that I don’t even like, just so I know what people are talking about and I can form a valid opinion on the subject. So… Fifty Shades of Grey. I wasn’t curious about the stories, I was curious about the reaction to the stories. Finally, I decided to sign into my local library’s ebook selection and read the books.


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