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Battle Cry (Freedom/Hate, Book 4)

22 Mar

If book 3 of my Freedom/Hate series left you wanting more, then I have good news for you! (if book 3 left you feeling pretty bored, I have bad news for you!)

Book 4, Battle Cry, is now available for pre-order! 

Battle Cry Kindle Cover

For years, Freedom has waited for their opportunity to wage war against the authorities. They have hidden in shadows, preparing for they day when they would take back the rights that were stolen from them.

Justin now serves the authorities. As a HAND officer, he patrols the streets, violating everything that he believes in, all in the hope that his position may someday give Freedom the edge it needs to win this war. Each day, he loses a piece of who he was. Each night, he prays that his sacrifice will justify his sins.

From the Campus, Collin’s team continues to spread Freedom’s message to as many citizens as possible. They have expanded their operation beyond a simple newspaper. Now they spread the stories and history that the authorities have tried to keep from the citizens for decades. They produce original stories, to reflect their own fight, but it’s not enough to spread words. Freedom starts with an idea, but it cannot end there.

As Freedom waits for their chance to fight, millions are tuned in to watch the biggest sporting event of the year. A child, Mandi Hollinger, has been chosen to recite a pledge that she can barely remember. She is led onto a field which is covered in more green grass than she has ever seen in her life. Her parents watch from the sidelines, too scared to breathe, and longing for this day to be over. Mandi stands before the microphone and begins to speak.

With one slip of the tongue, everything will change.


Right now, only the Kindle version of the book is available to order. For those who hate the idea of reading a book on some newfangled device, the paperback is coming within the next few weeks.

With this book, we officially enter the second half of this six-part series. Big things are about to happen!




Movie Review — Captain America: Civil War

21 Sep

Those who know me know that I am a fan of the current DC movies. This has caused a bit of a problem for me over the past year. I like the movies that people love to hate. Meanwhile, I have negative opinions about some of the Marvel movies. I don’t like the Avengers movies at all. Nor do I like Thor 2, or Iron Man 3. The rest are entertaining to varying degrees. None are what I would consider great movies, but they’re fun.

These opinions often lead to disagreements online. Those disagreements can lead to debates. Those debates can lead to arguments. And of course, it’s all silly. There is no right or wrong with something like this. There is only opinion and personal preference. It’s perfectly possible to enjoy movies from both franchises, which is an option that rarely seems to appear on anyone’s ballot. I think the franchises serve different purposes. My review is just a review of this movie, not some battle in the ongoing war between two media empires. Keep that in mind as you read this.

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Freedom/Hate is Now Available!

20 Apr


Freedom Hate - Full Res

I interrupt this blog filled with Batman v Superman, and Marvel v DC rants, to inform you that my latest book Freedom/Hate is now available for purchase on Amazon, in both Kindle and paperback formats!

The story is set several decades in the future. The world has changed. Terrorist attacks have contaminated crops, and the economy has collapsed. People are no longer in charge of putting food on their own table or a roof over their own head. They don’t even choose where they work.

The authorities are in control now. They are the providers. They make the rules, and they have created a society that will not question them. To do so is a crime.

Collin Powers is a young man whose instinct tells him to ask questions and seek answers. He has a thirst for knowledge and a love of books. As a low-level member of a rebel group, Collin is tasked with transporting books from one place to another. When one of those runs goes horribly wrong, Collin is forced to flee from the authorities. He is a fugitive, known to the world as a terrorist and murderer.

Libby Jacobs has nothing to do with any rebellion. She is a high school girl, whose life is hard enough without breaking any laws or questioning the authorities. Her mother is sick. Every day, her mother’s condition seems to worsen and the burden on Libby grows. Adding to Libby’s stress is her cousin, Uly. He is hiding something from Libby, and she knows it. His secret could endanger them all.

Freedom/Hate is book one in a six part series. Click Here to purchase your copy, or click on the book cover image above.

After you read it, I’d love to know what you think. Good or bad, all reviews posted to Amazon and Goodreads are very much appreciated. Every review helps an author understand their readers’ perspective, and build their audience.

Five Years Earlier…

9 Mar

As I continue to prepare my new book, Freedom/Hate for release (pre-order your copy today!), I have had some old friends stopping by for a visit in my head.

Five years ago this month, I sat down to begin writing Starlette (purchase your copy today!). It’s hard to tell whether I should feel as though it were only yesterday, or if it feels like a hundred years have passed since then. Either way, it was an exciting time for me.

The story began, oddly enough, five years earlier. As I was watching the Oscars red carpet show on television, I couldn’t help but get annoyed with the actors that I was listening to. The way they spoke about their films being “important” irritated me. They acted as though they were saving the world by making movies. Continue reading

Interior Design (aka A Journey into the Abyss)

3 Mar

I’ve been thinking that I should use this blog as something more than what it’s been. This shouldn’t be too hard, since it hasn’t been much of anything.

What I’ve decided to try and do is document more of my writing/publishing process. This will be less for the enjoyment of you readers (since it will probably be boring), and more about me documenting my writerly struggles, so that my family will know that I don’t just watch funny kitten videos all day. (which I don’t do, because I’m a dog person)

Some of these blog entries will be more interesting than others. At the moment, I’m not building any worlds or having fun with characters. Today, I’m trying to format the print edition of my new book, Freedom/Hate.

(the Kindle version of Freedom/Hate will be released on April 19! Pre-order your copy today by clicking on this link!)

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More About Kindle Scout

31 Jan

As I wrote last week, I currently have a campaign running on Kindle Scout. In that post, I talked about the book that I have listed on that page, but I didn’t talk a lot about the Kindle Scout site itself. I want to take some time to do that, because regardless of whether or not my own book gets published through the site, it still presents a great opportunity to budding young writers.

This post isn’t meant as a guide book for Kindle Scout, or an in-depth investigation into the pros and cons. It’s just my own take on the site.


So, what is Kindle Scout? 

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Spirit of Christmas

24 Nov


It’s that time again, folks. Trees are going up and elves are scouting flight paths for Santa. This year, I thought that I would take a shot at releasing a Christmas story.


This story is about an eight year old boy who begins to notice a change in his parents as the Christmas season progresses. They seem sad and scared, when they’re supposed to be happy. The boy’s curiosity leads him to some startling realizations, and you can be sure that Christmas will never be the same for him after this.

I wouldn’t recommend this one for little kids, but I hope you like!


Click here to find Spirit of Christmas on Amazon!




Starlette FREE for the 4th!

4 Jul

What better way to celebrate freedom in America than with, y’know… free stuff?

Okay, besides all of that…

Starlette is available for FREE today at Amazon! Check it out and tell your friends!

Starlette — The Complete Novel, NOW AVAILABLE!

12 Jun

It’s been a bit quiet since the last chapter of Starlette was released back in December, but that doesn’t mean that Starlette is gone for good!

The complete novel is now available for the Kindle! Now you can enjoy every chapter in one convenient book.

In celebration of the novel’s release, I am also happy to present to you the all new Starlette trailer, now available on YouTube!

Check it out and be sure to tell your friends!

Chapter Ten Now Available — Also, Kyle Andrews Guest Blogs at DiscoverLit!

16 Nov

Chapter Ten is upon us! Check out “Media Blitz” and prepare yourselves for the final chapters of Starlette which comes to its shocking, mind blowing, overly-hyped conclusion on December 28th!

Also, while you’re checking things out, be sure to click on over to DiscoverLit, where I am guest blogging this week. DiscoverLit is a new site for ebook readers/authors, which has a focus on serial novels and short form fiction. They’re just starting out now, so be sure to look around the site while you’re reading my incredibly informative article, “How to Avoid Being a Serial Killer”

Let me know what you think!


Chapter Ten links: