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More About Kindle Scout

31 Jan

As I wrote last week, I currently have a campaign running on Kindle Scout. In that post, I talked about the book that I have listed on that page, but I didn’t talk a lot about the Kindle Scout site itself. I want to take some time to do that, because regardless of whether or not my own book gets published through the site, it still presents a great opportunity to budding young writers.

This post isn’t meant as a guide book for Kindle Scout, or an in-depth investigation into the pros and cons. It’s just my own take on the site.


So, what is Kindle Scout? 

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Freedom/Hate on Kindle Scout!

23 Jan

As one of the youths would say (…in 1994), it is time to “rock the vote!”

For the past couple of years, I have been working on a new project called the Freedom/Hate. It’s a series of novels, set several decades from now, in a world where people have lost the basic rights that we take for granted today. It’s a world where there is no starvation, no homelessness, no unemployment, no lack of healthcare… but all of these privileges have been twisted into something ugly. People no longer have the freedom to choose what they eat, where they live, where they work, or how they are treated when sick. To speak out against the system is a criminal offense.

Freedom Hate Tilt CloudsFreedom/Hate is about the struggle of some to reclaim those rights, and what may be an even harder struggle for others–the struggle to ignore what is happening to them out of fear of losing the only life they know. Continue reading